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We've come to bring back the bsc FOMO !

Not just Shitcoin but the first coin to make a comeback to the Moon.

Have you ever watched a coin do 100x and felt the pain of not being able to participate? Do you regret missing your chance to go to the moon in the old days? We are the first step to return to those glorious old days.We are here to take the first step for Bsc to return to its old glory days.
Bsc fomo is back is an shit token that will reach the moon. How does ?We created this token on Binance Smart Chain. We want to make this project as transparent and fair as possible for every investor
BSC FOMO IS BACK is a DeFi token that takes a 5% tax from sell. This tax acts to benefit the project as a whole by putting 2% in the liquidity pool for a stable price floor, and 3% added to a marketing/buyback wallet to make sure that the project is able to succeed in the long term. Another large purpose of the tax is to decentivise large token holders from buying and selling quickly and damaging the price. This almost always effects the small token holders and we want a fair coin for all.
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